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Hoiio Phone v2.1 for Android – Faster. Better. Calling Could Not Have Been Easier!

Author: , October 21, 2011

Here at Hoiio, we are committed in delivering powerful applications that revolutionize the way phones are used.  In this new release, we have made many improvements to our Android app.

If you are interested to know what those improvements are, read on.

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1. Improved Internet Call

We have updated our Internet Call feature to be more robust, allowing a more engaging / care-free conversation. Simply connect your phone to WiFi or 3G and dial away. Singapore to Hong Kong calls is just SGD 0.029/minute. Singapore to Singapore calls is even cheaper at SGD 0.019/minute! For a Smarter Hello, Use Hoiio!

2. Improved In-app Phonebook Data Synchronization

In v2.0, we designed an in-app data synchronization. It has come to our attention that some of our users have been experiencing some problems with this feature… and so we made sure to address this issue.

In v2.1, data synchronization now happens instantly! If you are among those who ran into this problem, you will surely like this new update. We’ve made it such that even for a phone with thousands of contacts, not only won’t you feel the weight of loading… you don’t even have to wait for loading.

3. Increased SMS Limit from 160 to 450 Characters

Our team also have a lot of great things for you in our SMS module. For those who needs to send an SMS message with more than 160 characters, we upgraded our app to increase the capacity to 450 characters. Oh, did I mention that Singapore to Philippine SMS is just 1 peso/SMS (SGD 0.03)? That’s International SMS for the price of local.

4. Resend SMS

Further, we’ve added a Resend option for SMS. In cases where you need to resend an entire SMS such as greetings and reminders, you don’t need to key in everything once more. Just select which SMS you want to resend and you’re good to go.

5. SMSes Sent via Hoiio Now Appears on Native SMS App

In v2.1, all messages sent via Hoiio is now reflected in your native SMS app. This will help you keep track of all the SMS messages you sent.

6. Home Screen Shortcuts

Finally, we thought that Home Screen shortcuts are valuable to you. In v.2.0, in order to send SMS, you need to go inside the app. Now, you can do it faster by setting up this shortcut. Simply click Menu > Shortcuts > Hoiio – New SMS.


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Asia Top 50 Apps

Author: , October 09, 2011

Hoiio is nominated in Asia’s Top 50 Apps, organized by Singtel Innovation Exchange!

Cast your vote before 10th October, and help us be among the top 50 apps! Simply go to, and like or +1 for Hoiio.

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Slashed: Philippines, India, Australia, and Hong Kong

Author: , October 03, 2011

Slash your mobile phone bills

We said that we could only slash one country at a time, but this week, we slash four countries. All in one single stroke. Now, from Singapore, you can call/send SMS cheaper to Philippines, India, HK, and Australia. Below are some highlights on our amazing slash promotion. Check out the full rates by logging in to


  • Call to Philippines fixed line at SGD 18 cents/minute (slashed 28%), and mobile at SGD 22 cents/min (slashed 12%)
  • Piso Text. Send SMS from Singapore to Philippines at One Peso/SMS (SGD 3 cents/SMS).


  • Call any destination in India at SGD 4.8 cents/minute (slashed 40%).
  • Global SMS at local rates. Send SMS to India from Singapore only at SGD 5 cents/SMS.

Hong Kong

  • Call any destination in HK at SGD 4.5 cents/minute (slashed 42%).
  • Global SMS at local rates. Send SMS to HK from Singapore only at SGD 5 cents/SMS.


  • Call to Australia fixed line at SGD 6.8 cents/minute (slashed 19%), and mobile at SGD 18 cents/min (slashed 22%).

We hope that you like this, and share this to your friends. The more people using Hoiio, the more competitive we can be!