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Call Quality Statistics (August 2010)

Author: , September 24, 2010

Team Hoiio is focused on ensuring good call quality delivery and prides itself on fast responses to call quality improvements. We welcome feedbacks and the following are 3 quick ways for you to reach us:

To better illustrate our commitment to quality, we have started a pilot program on publishing our call quality reports to the following 17 key countries. Let us know if this is a good idea and we will work on expanding this program. We hope to start publishing our call quality reports on a monthly basis. Thanks for your support.

Any comments or advice? Do talk to us as we are always keen to hear from you for new ideas to better serve you =)

Average Call Duration is the average talk time of all the successful calls. As we all probably know, long conversations are only feasible with good call quality. Hence, the Average Call Duration statistics is an indication of our call quality performance.

Call Success Rate illustrates the percentage of successful call connections over total calls initiated by users. A call connection is defined successful once Hoiio establishes link to the calling destinations with either a ringing or engaged tone. The Call Success Rate statistics is an indication of our coverage performance.

Hoiio for Windows

Author: , September 20, 2010

Here at Hoiio we’re always looking for new ways to help you save on your mobile phone bills. Calling with Hoiio gives you almost 80% in savings versus your regular mobile phone carrier.  With Hoiio Internet Calls, you get up to 90% in savings.

Hoiio Internet Call has been a feature on the Hoiio apps on iPhone and Android. Today, we’ve brought the same savings to Windows users. Now more users can enjoy Hoiio Internet Calls!

Starting calling and sending SMS via Hoiio for Windows. Download Here!

PS: Mac users, please relax. We will be looking at a Mac version soon.

*Hints*: Sending SMS and making Call back using this new gadget is a breeze. Try it?

A night in McDonald’s thinking of Hoiio

Author: , September 16, 2010

Time really flies. Just realized I have spent the last 6 years of my life on entrepreneurship. We started by selling mobile VAS to telecoms, followed by providing solutions for telecoms. And since H2, 2009, we started to dream of becoming a telecom.

Indeed. Entrepreneurs’ lives are never dull. It’s full of twists and turns as we pursue our ultimate dream of achieving a highly scalable and profitable business model.

Thinking about Hoiio tonight, many emotions are starting to run through me. Perhaps, this is a night to share them.

  • Firstly, I am happy. After nearly 18 months of operating only in Singapore, we will be finally launching globally. Hoiio will now be available in 137 countries, supporting multiple languages and currencies.
  • Next, I am feeling optimistic and yet jittery. Will the market understand and buy my dream for Hoiio?
  • Lastly, I really felt like kicking myself. What took me so long to decide on a global launch?

Well. Let’s look ahead. My views of the telecom industry and my dreams of Hoiio are in the slides below. As a reader for this blog, a voter in the democratic free market that is known as the world wide web, please do feel free to comment. Thanks in advance.

What to do with failed 011 calls?

Author: , September 15, 2010

Use a + instead of 011Hoiio helps you call your contacts from wherever you are without the need for any prefixes or IDD codes. Simply use a “+” followed by the country code and the phone number.

For example, when calling UK(+44) from the US, simply dial “+44 21 1234 4321” instead of “011 44 21 1234 4321”.

Still having trouble? Email Support for more advice

New Android version: Internet Calls

Author: , September 07, 2010

Version 1.3.1 for Android has some fixes to make your Internet Calls all the more awesome.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Android Market and grab the freshly updated Hoiio App and give it a try today! You’ll also need to get Hoiio up to speed with its settings. Simply hit the “Menu” button and select “Download Settings” and you’re ready to go. Those of you still having issues might want to try to log out and log in again.

Note: Hoiio 1.3.1 and above requires at least Android 1.6

Download Settings