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Hoiio is in Malaysia now!

Author: , April 17, 2014


Like a proud parent, we are thrilled to announce that we have set up a new office in Malaysia.

Unlike a proud parent, we won’t bore you with details that do not matter.

Here’s what does.

With a physical Hoiio office in Malaysia, you get the benefit of proximity. Our salespersons on the ground will be better positioned to assist you in any way possible. Be it a product query, request for customer support or business development matters, geographical distance will no longer be an issue.

Office lines for Malaysian businesses
Last year we announced the launch of 015 Malaysian VoIP nmbers. Now we are introducing new 03 (KL) and 032 (central KL) numbers to our number basket. If you have an office in Malaysia or if you are thinking of setting one up there, you have better telecommunication options to choose from now. In addition, our fax service also supports sending online fax to Malaysian numbers.

Remote phone support
Even if you don’t have a physical space in Malaysia, you should consider providing phone support if a sizeable portion of your customers reside there. The truth is, there are so many online scams that people don’t always know if they can trust the companies they are buying from. Having a telephone number that customers can reach easily will help establish trust and confidence. At the same time, if you have a local hotline instead of an international number, you avoid turning away your Malaysian customers with expensive IDD charges. There is absolutely no need to invest in any hardware because calls can be forwarded to your mobile using the Direct Line app.

Last but not least, now that we have an office in Malaysia, we are able to extend more payment options to Malaysian customers. Apart from online methods, companies can opt for payment by cheque as well as by bank transfer. Furthermore, since payments are made in ringgit, no inflation or monetary policies can affect the amount you pay.

Note: Malaysia registered account users can subscribe numbers directly from the user portal. For non-Malaysia registered account users, you can email us at sales@hoiio.com.  Just like the 015 numbers, documents need to be provided to facilitate the purchase of the 03 and 032 numbers. Click here for more details.


Taking measures to stop the Heartbleed

Author: , April 10, 2014


Since the discovery of Heartbleed – a bug that exposes a serious vulnerability on the encryption software early this week, our team took immediate action to patch the vulnerability. We have patched our servers on Amazon Web Services and are in the process of updating our security certificate to ensure that your data remains secure.

We have not found any evidence of accounts being compromised. The team will continue to monitor the situation.

For information on Heartbleed, you can find out more here.

UPDATE: All our SSL certificates have been updated.

SpiderGate: Improved DNC checking features

Author: , March 19, 2014

IMPORTANT: All UNSubs (by call and SMS) must be reported back to your Data Protection Officer. This will prevent further calls and SMS being made to these numbers by yourself and other agents in your company. Remember to keep records of all calls and SMS campaigns made.

To make life a little easier for our sales agents, we have introduced a few upgrades to SpiderGate’s DNC checking capabilities. Apart from being able to enjoy automatic free checks when you make sales calls with Hoiio Phone or send SMS with Hoiio SMS Marketing apps, you can also check

  • Up to 10 numbers using Small Number Lookup
  • OR, Unlimited numbers with Bulk Filtering

Please note that these services are chargeable at 1.07 cents per check.

Dual scrubbing
The best part is all numbers will be checked against BOTH the national DNC registry and your company’s centralised blacklist at 1.07cents per number. This means that you don’t have to manually check your numbers twice, so you can actually save time at work. Here’s a step-by-step guide to use Small Number Lookup and Bulk Filtering.
Small Number Lookup
Login to the user portal to use SpiderGate. After clicking on the Small Number Lookup tab, you can key in up to 10 numbers.


At the bottom, you will find a summary of the credits chargeable if the check is performed. Each number check costs 1.07 cents and all invalid numbers (i.e. less than 8 numbers) will not be counted into the checks.


You will receive the results immediately, showing which numbers are in the DNC registry, company blacklist or not registered in either lists. The results will also be sent to you via inbox in an Excel file. You can also view your checked records in “View Results”.
Note: You need to verify your email address to receive the results in your email inbox.



Bulk Filtering

Login to the user portal to use SpiderGate. Click on Bulk Filtering. Upload your CSV/Excel file of numbers. For those who are unsure of the format of number arrangement, you can download the CSV template.


Upon uploading the file, you will see a summary of the credits chargeable if you choose to proceed. Duplicates will be filtered out so you will only be charged for checking each number once. Each number check costs 1.07 cents. The results will be emailed to you within 24 hours.
Note: You need to verify your email address to receive the results in your email inbox.



View Results

Click on “View Results” to access past check records. Hover your mouse over the row and click on the download icon. An Excel file of the checked results will be downloaded.



Lowest Price Guaranteed

The PDPC site states that 1.07cents is the lowest amount any company can charge so beware of companies that may want to charge less as they may not be following the PDPC guidelines of registering checks on your “behalf” on the DNC site and requiring validity to be reset to 60 days (before July 2) and 30 days thereafter.


ctb_spidergate (1)

Are you interested in joining more than 3,000 sales agents who are using SpiderGate to stay compliant ? Visit hoiio.com/spidergate to get more information and get started!

Your New HK Landline Number

Author: , March 17, 2014

It’s the beginning of the work week. Hoiio has good news to give your week a pleasant start!

Looking for a Hong Kong number for your company?



We have expanded our cache of Hong Kong numbers that you can choose from for your business.

We hope that your Hong Kong VoIP series 5 number purchased from Hoiio has served you well. However, if you are on the lookout for a better alternative, here’s your chance.

While the VoIP series 5 numbers are easier to obtain and not restricted by state boundaries, we understand that you as a business would prefer to have a telco-provided landline number to represent your company. It looks good when potential customers see that your office location corresponds with the area code of your office number.

Therefore, we have added 300 new Series 3 Hong Kong landline numbers from a Hong Kong telecommunications provider to our number database.

Golden numbers as well as consecutive block numbers are available. To purchase, email us at goldennumber@hoiio.com and business@hoiio.com respectively.

Series 3 landline numbers look better for your company but come at a higher price to obtain. Fortunately, as a Hoiio customer, you can swap your current Hong Kong VoIP series 5 number for a new Hong Kong series 3 landline number at zero cost increase.

To capitalise on this privilege as a Hoiio customer, simply drop us an email at support@hoiio.com stating your request and we will do it for you.


Partners Training Session @ Mountbatten Square

Author: , March 14, 2014

On 21st January this year, our partners gathered for a cozy session of networking with us. Two months later, we came together again, along with new potential partners. This time, on 11th March 2014, it was for a sales training session on SpiderGate, the DNC solution jointly powered by Hoiio and Straits Interactive.


Alvin from Straits Interactive kickstarting the session

The purpose of the training session was to educate our partners on how to help companies recognise the benefits of incorporating SpiderGate in their DNC scrubbing. Representatives from hardware companies and media solutions providers among others were informed on the deployment and product features of SpiderGate, as well as the commission structure as a partner referral.


William from Straits Interactive demonstrating SpiderGate’s deployment

SpiderGate is a software that is able to tie in with three communication mediums: SIP calling, SMS marketing, and mobile phone. For the thousands of sales agents from various property, lifestyle and financial institutions relying on generating sales leads through cold-calling and SMS marketing, SpiderGate will provide comprehensive coverage which method you use. This means huge cost savings because one DNC scrubbing software can be utilized across multiple communication methods.



Clement and KC explaining the commission structure

All in all, it was a fruitful session. We thank all the partners who took time to join us at the training session and hope that it has been beneficial for them too. We are also excited to collaborate with our new partners who put their names down with the Biz Dev team.

For partners who would like to join the collaboration, we welcome you to share the offerings to come this rewarding year. To do so, kindly email us at partners@hoiio.com. :)

We plan to organise a third session for all of us to track progress. It will also be an opportunity for representatives from companies who were not able to attend this training session to get updated. See you there!