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Hoiio partner, Xorcom, brings customers quality VoIP telephony solutions

Author: , October 20, 2014

A leading PBX manufacturer in the European market, Xorcom uses Asterisk Open Source IP-PBX to design and produce VoIP and PSTN office communication solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Hoiio recently partnered Xorcom to bring customers in Asia better SIP hardware options. Alongside Hoiio SIP service, customers get direct access to quality IP-PBX solutions, such as Xorcom’s CompletePBX. The business-grade telephony solution offers users a comprehensive product line of hardware configurations to support varying telecommunication requirements, from standard to enhanced.


More than just a PBX manufacturer and provider, Xorcom hosts an extensive library of SIP and PBX resources. Xorcom’s knowledge base provides relevant and useful information to its customers and site visitors, including product manuals, brochures, white papers, case studies and downloadable multimedia resources. Should there be any need for technical support or industry-related information, the customer need not worry about a lack of self-service help resources available in the Xorcom resource bank.

Celebrating their ten year anniversary this year, Xorcom has been providing customers with quality telephony solutions for a decade now. As a Xorcom partner, we extend our congratulations to Xorcom.

If you have a SIP subscription and would like an IP-PBX solution, do explore the various telephony solutions Xorcom has to offer.


The Enterprise Solution: Using SIP on the IP PBX

Author: , October 17, 2014

This is part two of the Hoiio SIP series. We hope this guides you to find the SIP client best suited to your needs.



An IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone switchboard privately owned by the enterprise. It acts as a central switching system for phone calls within the company, as well as directs multiple incoming calls to the right departments.

Do I need an IP PBX?

Go with a business phone system that comprises of an IP PBX and IP phones, if your business operations require a sophisticated system with many capabilities. Some of the IP PBX’s features include automated attendant, hold music, call transfer, barge-in, call park and call pick-up.

The IP PBX can cost anywhere between $700 to $60,000. Yes, it’s expensive, but for good reason. The IP PBX offers a comprehensive list of calling features that gives your company flexible options about what to do with a call, and the more features it offers, the more expensive it is. So if your company budget allows, the IP PBX can be a real asset to your business communication.

Guides for configuration

Configuring your SIP service on the IP PBX can be complicated. That’s why it’s best left to the system integrator to help you set up the business phone system. Should you require any assistance with your IP PBX, do seek help from your hardware vendor.

Hardware providers

PBXs are available in various configurations to cater to the diverse size, connectivity and communication requirements of companies. As every business has a unique set of communication needs, we recommend discussing with PBX providers to select the right IP PBX for your company. Do consider factors such as the calling features you require as well as the networking and reliability policies.


For a more mobile alternative, you may want to consider the softphone — stay tuned for part three.

Find part one here.

How to market safely under the PDPA

Author: , October 08, 2014

With the provisions of the DNC Registry, marketing to customers has undeniably become trickier. It can feel like navigating a minefield when trying to ascertain what’s okay and what’s not in your marketing workflow.

For some businesses, it is not so much the business complexities but the huge fine involved that deters them from marketing. There are companies that would rather put their marketing efforts on hold in the meantime, before they find a viable solution.

However, avoiding any marketing isn’t a long-term solution. After all, it’s a matter of time before your sales figures start to suffer. A better option would be to educate ourselves with the information required to market safely within the constraints of the PDPA.

Equip yourself

To ensure that you don’t step on a DNC landmine, marketers ought to familiarise themselves with the provisions of the DNC Registry and incorporate this knowledge into the company’s existing workflow. A talk held by Straits Interactive aims to help marketers do just that.

Straits Interactive, PDPA and DNC specialist firm, is offering a free talk tomorrow to help marketers understand what it takes to comply with the DNC, and equip them with skills on how to market under the PDPA.


Straits Interactive will also make recommendations on solutions that can help marketers achieve DNC compliance with minimal disruption to daily operations. It takes just a little adjustment to market safely and responsibly, and marketers can look forward to discovering compliance tools that integrate compliance processes seamlessly with their existing workflow.


pdpa marketing


To register

To secure a seat at this free talk, do sign up early to avoid disappointment.

When: 9 October, 2 to 5 pm

Where: Seminar Room 3.4, Lee Kong Chian School of Business, SMU

For the full conference agenda, please click here.

If you have any further enquiries, kindly contact Karen at +65 68718958 or email info@straitsinteractive.com.


The Old-School: Using SIP on my IP phone

Author: , October 03, 2014

This is part one of the Hoiio SIP series. We hope this guides you to find the SIP client best suited to your needs.



The IP phone, also known as a VoIP phone, is quite similar to the wired land line phone we’re familiar with. The difference, however, is that the IP phone uses VoIP technology to place calls over the Internet. By connecting it to the Internet with a LAN cable, you can make VoIP-enabled calls on the IP phone.

Why should I choose an IP phone?

Each company has different requirements and that’s why there are devices catering to different needs. The IP phone is a physical phone just like the analog one, so if you’re used to scoring business deals on the hardware phone, you might want to get IP phones.

When shopping for the right IP phone, one important factor to consider is its interoperability with your SIP service. For your SIP line to work, the SIP service and SIP client need to be compatible. Check here for a list of the IP phones that Hoiio SIP is compatible with.

Guides for step-by-step configuration

Do refer to these guides on how to configure your SIP account on different IP phones:

1. How to configure my SIP on a Yealink SIP-T20 IP phone

2. How to configure my SIP on a Polycom Stand Point 32X/33X

3. How to configure my SIP on a Cisco IP phone

4. How to configure my SIP on a VOPTech IP phone

5. How to configure my SIP on an Ericsson-LG IP-88XX IP phone

6. How to configure my SIP on a SNOM 710 IP phone

7. How to configure my SIP on a Linksys IP phone SPA9XX

Hardware providers

If you need a recommendation for IP phone providers, do feel free to reach out to us at sales@hoiio.com.


Do you need advanced calling features such as call transfer and call hunting? Stay tuned for part two on the IP-PBX.

Unscheduled System Maintenance on 29 and 30 September 2014

Author: , October 01, 2014

On 29th and 30th September, Hoiio system experienced intermittent service disruption for several of our customers. This is due to an unscheduled system maintenance by our infrastructure provider, Amazon Web Services at around 3pm on both days.

The intermittent service disruption was unexpected and unfortunately not within our control. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to get the update postponed to non-working hours as Amazon was under tight schedule to complete all security and operational updates before news of a security flaw with their provisioning system gets released on 1 October Pacific Time.

As Amazon is slated to complete all maintenance updates by 1 October 3pm Singapore Time (GMT +8), we will not be expecting anymore service disruption after that. From now till then, our engineers are on active standby to monitor and work on the system. We understand that this has caused inconvenience for some of our customers but please be assured that we are taking active steps to mitigate all risks of service disruption.

Please note that this is not related to Bash/Shellshock vulnerability. For all other questions regarding this unscheduled system maintenance, you can reach us at support@hoiio.com.