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Hoiio partners Xorcom

Author: , August 21, 2014

We’re thrilled to announce that Hoiio is now a Xorcom trusted partner.

After interoperability testing to ensure that Hoiio SIP is compatible with the Xorcom PBX system, we’re very pleased to make our partnership official.

A leading PBX manufacturer in the European market, Xorcom uses Asterisk Open Source IP-PBX to design and produce VoIP and PSTN office communication solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Partnering with Xorcom means that we can provide better hardware options for our Hoiio SIP users. As a Xorcom PBX customer, you’re well taken care of. Not only do you get quality telephony hardware, you also enjoy access to extensive resources and comprehensive technical information, making it easy to configure Hoiio SIP on Xorcom IP-PBX with these guides.

With this partnership, we hope to provide you a complete telephony solution for your business needs.



Customers can find Hoiio listed as a Xorcom technology partner on their webpage.

If you have a SIP subscription and would like an IP-PBX solution, do explore the various telephony solutions Xorcom has to offer.


Ensure adequate DNC training for your DPO

Author: , August 11, 2014

If you’re among the majority of companies marketing to consumers, the PDPA has certainly thrown a curveball your way.

With the Do Not Call (DNC) Registry being enforced, companies have had to quickly seek out solutions that allowed them to continue marketing, but to do so safely. Every company is also required to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO), who’s in charge of making sure the company stays DNC-compliant. When you think about it, you didn’t select your DPO based on qualifications or experience. You just selected the person you feel you can most entrust this to. Because honestly, everyone’s new to this.

Because of this reason, your chosen DPO could be scratching her head at her new task. Non-adherence to the DNC Registry can cost you a fine of up to $1 million. Given that the DPO’s role is so crucial, we wouldn’t recommend taking risks about this. After appointing your DPO, do send her to a proper DPO training course where she can be equipped with the necessary data protection skills.

A good option

Consultancy firm Straits Interactive offers the Hands-on DPO Training Programme to address these concerns. Held over four sessions in the month of August, the course aims to train DPOs in the competencies needed to fulfil their DPO responsibilities.

This training programme will help DPOs create a step-by-step game plan to manage compliance. With a focus on the business perspective, the programme is interactive, setting tasks that are based on participants’ own business context.

In addition, the course bundles Straits Interactive’s Data Protection Management System (DPMS), a compliance management tool, with one year user license. During the course, DPOs will be trained in this software.



Funding support

e2i funding is available for this course up to 50% of the course fee, and the remainder is PIC-claimable. If you have not signed up yet, there’s still time to register for the upcoming course that starts this Wednesday.

Extra incentive

We believe that there is no reason for companies to risk the DNC penalties with the solutions available. That’s why we’d like to offer greater incentive for you. As an existing Hoiio user, you get $300 free Hoiio credits by signing up for this course. To be eligible for this incentive, do remember to write “Hoiio” in the Remarks section of the registration form.




Internet Call faces technical issue with the latest Chrome & Android update

Author: , August 05, 2014

We are currently facing some technical issues with our Internet Call feature in the latest versions of Chrome and Android OS. Users who are using the updated versions of the Android OS (Kit Kat 4.4) and Chrome OS (Version 36) have experienced one way audio problems where only one party can hear the other.

We understand that many of you enjoy using Internet Call for business reasons as well as to reach out to your loved ones so we are definitely trying to find a fix. In the meantime, here are a few workarounds:

  1. Avoid upgrading your Android and Chrome OS for the time being.
  2. Use Call Back – in fact, the call quality might even be better since it is not affected by wifi signal strength.

We will update you as soon as we can. Meanwhile, here’s a cute Pusheen to make your day a little better.

pusheen gif

Source: Pusheen

Code for the Big Day

Author: , July 24, 2014

For those who are married, you would know that planning for a wedding is no easy feat. After all, there’s a reason why most weddings take an average of 9 to 12 months of preparation time.

With work and other commitments to take care of, couples often choose to do away with traditions or simplify whichever process they can without incurring the wrath of parents and in-laws. For those who can’t do either, technology offers you a third option – automate.

Developer Bryan Chen knew exactly which shortcut to take when he decided to build his own RSVP system and opted for e-invites instead. He wanted to save on paper and postage costs as well as eliminate the numerous phone calls required to get mailing addresses and RSVP follow ups. Because they played a passive role in this process, Bryan and Ailin were able to focus on other things.

Here’s how it worked.


  1. Guests receive a rebranded SMS from BryanNAilin with information to RSVP.
  2. Guests can access the beautifully designed website and read about their love story.
  3. Guests can then take their time to decide if they would like to attend and RSVP whenever they want to.
  4. Closer to the date, an SMS will be sent to remind guests who have not RSVPed to do so. Guests who have indicated their attendance will receive an SMS reminder of the time and venue of the event. To avoid spamming his guests, Bryan took care to limit the rate SMSes were sent.

The result: A completely automated RSVP and follow up system. Bryan and Ailin could log in anytime they want to see the guests who have responded and the number of people attending. Another advantage of e-invites is also not having to worry if their mail has gotten lost or delayed.

Hey Bryan, how long did it take for you to set it up?  

Set up the whole site? One work week. But this is on top of the fact that I have a day job. The Hoiio API integration was the quickest – that took about a couple of hours. The documentation provided was more than sufficient for beginners.

There are so many SMS APIs out there, why did you choose Hoiio? (Not that I am suggesting you use them of course :) 

To be honest, I didn’t bother checking out other services. I had used the Hoiio API once before for another project. In that project, I had found a limitation of the API that prevented me from doing exactly what I had wanted. I sent an e-mail, and within a few weeks, that feature was made available.

The one thing that sets a developer’s skills apart from all other professions’, is the universality of the skill of coding. Not only is it used to build powerful security systems and fun games like Candy Crush, code can also be used to solve problems we face in our daily lives. As engineers ourselves, we are glad that our APIs have helped made a fellow developer’s wedding preparations much smoother.

On behalf of the team, we wish Bryan and Ailin a happy fulfilling marriage. :)

Earn cash on the side with Hoiio

Author: , July 21, 2014

Many of us would like to secure a steady stream of income that we can earn even without having to lift a finger. In fact, other than our job that brings home the majority of the bacon, we’re often encouraged by people in our social circle to have a backup source of income. You know, just in case.

Earning passive income is no longer a dream these days. Here at Hoiio, we look for opportunities to reward the folks who believe in us. Besides working hard to offer our users the best service that we can provide, we also work with partners who can help bring our products to a wider audience.

To facilitate this, we have a partners referral system. By referring their customers to Hoiio, our partners earn a cut from every successful subscription.

What’s better, when the customer renews his or her subscription each month, you’ll get a cut again. That means with every month, you’ll see your commission snowball. Not forgetting the more customers you refer, the more you earn.




Q. What are the products I can refer?
A: You can refer these apps: Hoiio Main Line, Hoiio Direct Line, Hoiio Fax, Hoiio SIP, Hoiio Conference, and Hoiio Phone.

Q. How much commission will I get?
A: You’ll get a 20% recurring commission for every subscription referred by you. On top of that, you’ll also receive 10% of the customer’s total usage costs.

Q. So, what do I have to do?
A: When we partner up, we’ll bundle our services with your product into a well-rounded solution, which you can then promote to your customers as a package. You don’t have to worry about the logistics of onboarding the customer on our services as we’ll take care of that.

Q. After successful referrals, how do I collect my rewards?
A: You’ll receive your rewards in the form of cash payouts. What you have to do is send an email request to payout@hoiio.com. Link up your PayPal account because we’ll be depositing your payout into your PayPal account in one to two days.

For easy tracking of your commission, we provide a portal for our partners:

partners portal 1

a quick glance of how much you’ve earned in commission so far


Turns out it’s not hard to earn some extra cash. Find out more about what we have to offer to our partners and if you’re interested, click here to be our partner.