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Do you really understand the “cloud” when you use it?

Author: , August 27, 2014

As entrepreneurship becomes a hot topic of the media, many buzzwords have surfaced to describe related ideas and technology. Even as some of us may not be experts in these domains, many still use terms like growth hacking, gamification and ideation in their daily speech. Sounds like a good way to help them sound like they’re in the know. But when these terms are misused, it can be very obvious, leading to embarrassing situations.

One of the most overused and misrepresented words might possibly be the “cloud”. And to be fair, learning is not made any easier when a simple Google search does not yield the best results to help a layman understand what it means. Here’s our first attempt at creating a fun experience to help everyone make sense of the cloud.


cloud_infographic_1024 (2)

3 things you need to know about word-of-mouth referrals

Author: , August 26, 2014

Word of mouth is a great sales strategy for those who don’t have the resources to spend on advertising. It is readily received by consumers, costs nothing and yet boosts ROI. It’s no wonder then that many start-ups rely on word-of-mouth referrals to bring in the business deals.

Yet getting that glowing recommendation from customers can sometimes be as hard as reaching for the moon. If it were easily achieved, everyone walking down the street would be a happy customer.

Clearly, word-of-mouth marketing requires some savvy. In order to effectively use it to drive sales, here are three things to take note of.

1. Consumers don’t talk about you unless you deliver above expectations.

Most of us would assume that good customer service is all it takes to get the customer to recommend you to his or her social circle. However, providing satisfactory service is not enough.

Customers rarely voice their feedback when they have received what they expected. What drives word-of-mouth is either delight at exceptional customer service, or displeasure at an upsetting customer experience.

Turns out there’s psychological basis in this. Emotions prompt people to tell someone about their experience, and this makes sense. A customer offering feedback voluntarily is always emphatic, be it agitated or thrilled. That emotion is what’s driving them to make the effort to share.

Takeaway: Go the extra mile in service.


2. Complaints reduce the effectiveness of your ads.

The flip side of word of mouth is that customers can share bad reviews of your company too. In fact, the individual consumer is spurred to tell more people about his unsatisfactory experiences than good ones.

These bad reviews can even blunt the receptivity of your target audience to the advertisements you paid big money for. This is something that businesses are seldom aware of. Consumers would more readily trust the bad review given by a friend or family member than a marketing effort. Given that the modern day consumer is already saturated from marketing messages, a negative referral delivers a punch to your brand name in the consumer’s eyes.

Many big corporations would rather spend on advertisements if they can afford to because it’s easier to target a mass audience. However, neglecting the impact of customer referrals is in essence shooting yourself in the foot.

It might even backfire when consumers start wondering why you would rather channel that money into ads than to fix your product or service.

Takeaway: Focus on pleasing your customers rather than promoting your brand.



3. Word of mouth is more powerful if it addresses the key buying factors.

Management consulting firm McKinsey found that customers are influenced more by word-of-mouth messages that focus on the functional features of the product or service. That means that companies should find out what is the specific feature consumers prioritise, and make sure they excel in that area.

For example, design is the key buying factor for smartphones. For skincare, it’s packaging and ingredients.

We tend to assume that we know what the customer likes about our product, but sometimes it’s not easy to pin down.

Even a giant like Coca Cola may not always get it right. When they introduced New Coke in 1985, it opened their eyes to what their customers truly liked about their beverage. And it was not the flavour. Instead, it was the long-binding emotional attachment people had to the traditional coke, and its replacement therefore was not well-received.

Takeaway: Know your customers’ needs.


Did you notice that all the points boil down to one thing? That’s right, it’s all about the customer.

Customer Concept

To get customers to recommend you, you need to understand what they expect from you and deliver. Customers will only do the talking for you when you walk the walk.


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Unveiling new pricing plans for Hoiio SIP

Author: , August 25, 2014

Many businesses that choose to go with VoIP for their office communication do so because of the cost savings and flexibility it offers. Every company has unique requirements and will need a phone system that fulfils these needs, so in considering a SIP service, a one-size-fits-all solution shouldn’t be the only option.

Our current pricing of one number per Hoiio SIP subscription offers users unlimited concurrent channels. But this means that companies that want multiple numbers for their PBX face a problem — there is a ceiling to how many accounts the IP-PBX can connect to.

Multiple accounts makes for difficult troubleshooting in the event of problems with the SIP line. Making changes may also result in having to re-configure all accounts again. So a company may end up having to upgrade their IP-PBX to one that can accommodate the multiple SIP numbers they want to have. And given that an IP-PBX isn’t exactly inexpensive, buying a new one isn’t the most practical option.

An improved solution

In order to provide our customers with better and more flexible options, we are introducing new pricing plans.

For a heavy user, sometimes it’s nice to enjoy savings in the long run with a pricing plan that’s a closer fit to how much you use. With various pricing plans, businesses can maximise their SIP subscription by choosing the one best suited to their needs.



How to migrate

Our new pricing plans will be fully implemented over the next few months. Users who wish to stick to one DID for their SIP line won’t have to take any action.

For Business and Business Plus customers, your subscription will need to be customised according to the quantity of numbers you wish to get. Kindly write in to sales@hoiio.com with the package plan and the number of DIDs you would like to get. If you’re keen on golden numbers or running numbers, do let us know too.

Further information will be provided when the new pricing is in full swing, so do check back for updates! If you have any queries in the meantime, feel free to email us at sales@hoiio.com.


Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 8.12.08 am



Hoiio partners Xorcom

Author: , August 21, 2014

We’re thrilled to announce that Hoiio is now a Xorcom trusted partner.

After interoperability testing to ensure that Hoiio SIP is compatible with the Xorcom PBX system, we’re very pleased to make our partnership official.

A leading PBX manufacturer in the European market, Xorcom uses Asterisk Open Source IP-PBX to design and produce VoIP and PSTN office communication solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Partnering with Xorcom means that we can provide better hardware options for our Hoiio SIP users. As a Xorcom PBX customer, you’re well taken care of. Not only do you get quality telephony hardware, you also enjoy access to extensive resources and comprehensive technical information, making it easy to configure Hoiio SIP on Xorcom IP-PBX with these guides.

With this partnership, we hope to provide you a complete telephony solution for your business needs.



Customers can find Hoiio listed as a Xorcom technology partner on their webpage.

If you have a SIP subscription and would like an IP-PBX solution, do explore the various telephony solutions Xorcom has to offer.


Ensure adequate DNC training for your DPO

Author: , August 11, 2014

If you’re among the majority of companies marketing to consumers, the PDPA has certainly thrown a curveball your way.

With the Do Not Call (DNC) Registry being enforced, companies have had to quickly seek out solutions that allowed them to continue marketing, but to do so safely. Every company is also required to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO), who’s in charge of making sure the company stays DNC-compliant. When you think about it, you didn’t select your DPO based on qualifications or experience. You just selected the person you feel you can most entrust this to. Because honestly, everyone’s new to this.

Because of this reason, your chosen DPO could be scratching her head at her new task. Non-adherence to the DNC Registry can cost you a fine of up to $1 million. Given that the DPO’s role is so crucial, we wouldn’t recommend taking risks about this. After appointing your DPO, do send her to a proper DPO training course where she can be equipped with the necessary data protection skills.

A good option

Consultancy firm Straits Interactive offers the Hands-on DPO Training Programme to address these concerns. Held over four sessions in the month of August, the course aims to train DPOs in the competencies needed to fulfil their DPO responsibilities.

This training programme will help DPOs create a step-by-step game plan to manage compliance. With a focus on the business perspective, the programme is interactive, setting tasks that are based on participants’ own business context.

In addition, the course bundles Straits Interactive’s Data Protection Management System (DPMS), a compliance management tool, with one year user license. During the course, DPOs will be trained in this software.



Funding support

e2i funding is available for this course up to 50% of the course fee, and the remainder is PIC-claimable. If you have not signed up yet, there’s still time to register for the upcoming course that starts this Wednesday.

Extra incentive

We believe that there is no reason for companies to risk the DNC penalties with the solutions available. That’s why we’d like to offer greater incentive for you. As an existing Hoiio user, you get $300 free Hoiio credits by signing up for this course. To be eligible for this incentive, do remember to write “Hoiio” in the Remarks section of the registration form.