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Thailand numbers now available

Author: , December 16, 2014

We have good news. Thailand numbers are now available on Hoiio.

For Singapore users, subscription for Thailand numbers together with your SIP, Virtual Line and Direct Line apps start from SGD $15 / month. For users in other countries, please kindly contact support@hoiio.com for the pricing information. To see the full countries coverage list of numbers provided by Hoiio, please see this link.


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Coming Soon: New Visitor App To Protect Personal Data

Author: , November 26, 2014


Using the above Traditional Pen-and-Paper for Visitor Registration?

This may be a potential $1 million fine in the brewing.

Under the Protection Obligation of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), organisations have to make reasonable security arrangements to protect the personal data it possesses or controls to prevent unauthorised access, collection, use disclosure or similar risks. The traditional pen-and-paper method easily reveals those sensitive data to other visitors and thus violates PDPA.



Hoiio has a solution for you

The good news is that Hoiio has a Visitor Application that can solve the above problem. This is an iPad app with the below benefits:

a) Allows each visitor to register one at a time
b) Previous visitors’ data not revealed
c) Visitor Logs securely stored in the cloud
d) Authorised access can be done anytime, anywhere for audit purposes

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Construction firm Nam Hong makes workflow efficient with cloud HR

Author: , November 25, 2014

Established in 2005, Nam Hong is a construction and engineering company that provides piping services, structural works and manpower provisioning services. Since Nam Hong is licensed in public sector works, chances are you’ve seen many of the upgrading works that Nam Hong has worked on around Singapore.

Some of the projects that Nam Hong has participated in include Pulau Seraya Power Station, F1 fencing and construction of the new MRT lines.


“Managing time-based workers is tedious”

In the construction industry, projects are fluid and the time for the workers to report to work is not always fixed. When pressed for time, workers sometimes have to put in overtime hours and work on the weekends as well.

photo 4

Workers queueing to clock in in the morning

What Nam Hong uses to keep track of attendance is a pen-and-paper logbook where workers line up to sign in and out daily. For the construction workers, it’s a straightforward process. However, it’s a different story for the administrative staff at the end of every month.

It takes the administrative assistant a couple of days to manually compute payment, denting productivity. To complicate matters, aside from the standard rates there are overtime rates and special rates to take into account, increasing the chance for human error.

A timely boost in productivity

Frustrated with the inefficiency, Eddie, Nam Hong’s Accounts Manager, tried out Hoiio’s Time Log and Payroll* apps. Both are cloud-based software aimed to improve workflow efficiency and are used hand-in-hand.

1. Using an iPad as time clock, their workers take a selfie every time they clock in and out to verify their attendance. This way, it no longer becomes possible for buddy punching to occur, and managers also get real-time updates if a worker is late.

2. Time cards are automatically updated to the cloud and the data is synced into Payroll.

3. At the end of the month, the admin assistant or accounts manager logs into Payroll to retrieve the auto-computed payslips.

Automating mundane business processes may be common for tech-savvy companies, but it’s taken the construction industry some time to catch on. Construction firms tend to rely on traditional methods due to a lack of efficient IT software to handle time-based calculations.

“I’m a tech-savvy guy myself and have been searching for a suitable solution to this. However, as our payroll involves time-based salaries, the usual payroll software doesn’t suit our work processes,” says Eddie.

“Glad that Hoiio has come up with a solution to this. We can even use Time Log and Payroll for our regular-salaried employees as well!”


Francis, Eddie’s team mate, finds Time Log and Payroll easy and effective.


*Payroll app will be available in the App Center soon. To enquire more about Time Log and Payroll, please contact sales@hoiio.com.

5 things you didn’t know about the Hoiio Mobile app

Author: , November 20, 2014

If you’re a Hoiio user, chances are you’d have downloaded the Hoiio Mobile app onto your smartphone or mobile device. On Hoiio Mobile, being able to use Hoiio services on the go equals much more convenience.

To ensure you’re making full use of the app, we share some things about Hoiio Mobile that you may not know about.

1. It integrates with your phone’s call log.

Very few of us these days commit contact numbers to memory. With a ton of things calling for our attention, we’re better off saving that brainpower for more important things.

That’s why it’s good when you don’t need to go through the hassle of copying and pasting your frequently dialled numbers; you can dial out quickly by directly accessing your call log.

2. You can do a top up on it.

You’re on the go and ready for your conference call in ten minutes, when suddenly you realise that your Hoiio credits are running low and certainly won’t last you through that important business meeting.

Thankfully, you can do a quick top-up from your Hoiio Mobile app.


Tip: Ensure you’re on your Personal Account to do so.

3. You can also transfer credits.

You know that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from doing something for your loved ones? At Hoiio we believe that no man is an island, and that we can achieve more if we work as a team. That’s why we added this feature that allows you to transfer credits to your chosen recipients, just to spread the joy.

Also ensure you’re using your Personal Account when transferring credits.

4. Check rates for outgoing calls and SMSes wherever you are.

We designed our mobile app to cater to the needs of our customers base, including professionals who travel frequently. For entrepreneurs and professionals who travel frequently, it would be helpful if there is a button for them to reference call and SMS rates quickly.

Get easy visibility of call and SMS rates by selecting ‘Rates’ in the options menu.


5. Receive support easily.

If there’s an enquiry you want to make immediately, you can do so. No going to the Hoiio webpage, no searching for the customer service hotline — simply click on ‘Support’ in the options menu and drop us an email right away.


Don’t Fall Prey to VoIP Fraud: How to level up your SIP security

Author: , November 18, 2014

Much of our Internet experience today involves user accounts that require creating a username and password. Often, we’re also asked to provide a mobile number or secondary email address by service providers, in a bid to improve security on the Internet.

Such is the nature of the Internet. Because so much information is easily accessible on the world wide web, we need to take extra precaution to ensure that what we post online remain safe.

Many businesses have chosen to move their business communication to VoIP, with the benefits it brings. But there’s a caveat. As with anything on the Internet, SIP needs to be secured and protected from fraudulent hackers.

Footing the Bill

When you pay for a SIP service, you’ll have to take steps to ensure that your account doesn’t fall prey to VoIP toll fraud. Hackers scan for weak SIP passwords and vulnerable accounts are then cracked to make calls.


It’s more than one or two times for their own personal use. Now that they have gained access to your business phone system, savvy hackers can now distribute your call service and charge for several purposes — overseas calls, chat hotlines, calling premium numbers, and the list goes on.

Call minutes are then leaked in the millions, chalking up a hefty phone bill which you definitely won’t be pleased to receive.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

To avoid finding yourself high and dry, level up your SIP security with these steps:

1. Choose a SIP service provider that offers adequate security measures.

There are many SIP service providers but it’s worthwhile to go with one that’s invested in the necessary infrastructure to secure their SIP service. Hoiio offers IP whitelist and country whitelist screening, as well as TLS and SRTP support to safeguard your SIP.

2. Implement whitelists.

Whitelists work by allowing only certain calls to be made. IP Whitelist allows calls made from authorised IP addresses, and Country Whitelist allows calls to specific authorised countries.

Implementing whitelist features lets you screen calls before they are even made, and thus preventing any unauthorised calls in the first place.


3. Be vigilant about your passwords.

Your SIP account password and SIP trunk password are incredibly sensitive and can carry major consequences if leaked. Change the default password to a stronger one, and don’t reveal it freely.

4. Your phone vendors can help too.

Check with phone vendors if they have anti-hacking measures in place. For example, 3CX has in-built anti-hacking mechanisms with their Version 9.


There’s no need to risk a vulnerable SIP account. Take adequate measures to protect your SIP account and avoid all the unpleasantness.